Saturday, April 14, 2012

Businessmen or entrepreneurs always need a space to establish their business. Those who want to extend their business and willing to open franchise outlets or simply searching suitable options to relocate head office can consider Dubai. This is highly advance city of United Arab Emirates that welcomes everyone around the world to setup business. Due to huge level of international business transactions this place has become leading financial hub. It is also key player to build UAE economy. This city offers numerous job opportunities to migrants and entrepreneurs to jump start their business and let them work to progress their business in such a wonderful city. This shows that residential and commercial properties in this city are in high demand and renting or purchasing a residential and commercial property in Dubai is a tough deal. But due to global economic downfall, a remarkable fall is observed in renting and purchasing prices of Dubai properties. Now it is possible that tenants can negotiate with Dubai property owners and landlords to rent or purchase a residential or commercial property in Dubai at affordable rates.  

Advantages of Leasing Commercial Property in Dubai

Besides negotiation over property rent and property price, tenants can enjoy several other benefits of leasing commercial property in Dubai. Renting or leasing commercial property in Dubai was not an affordable option but due to current downfall tenants can find commercial property on lease on minimal rent rate even in best areas of Dubai. Entrepreneurs who don’t have enough capital to purchase a commercial office space to setup their business can lease a commercial property in Dubai. Following are some major advantages of leasing commercial property in Dubai.


Affordability drags tenants more to lease a commercial property in Dubai. It is less capital intensive and suitable for people who have low funds to invest in property purchase. 


Second the most obvious advantage of leasing a commercial property is flexibility to relocate your setup when surrounding conditions are not favorable and rent rates go high. You can find better place to promote your business in your budget.  Moreover, if you find your office space insufficient then you are free to choose another commercial property on lease that fulfills your requirements. Renters are not eligible to extend structure. 

Lesser Risks
We all know that assets value do no tend to be same always. It can decrease or increase in any real estate market. When you lease a commercial property in Dubai for your business, you and your business remains safe from aftereffects caused by fluctuations in assets value. 

Leasing a commercial property in Dubai is very suitable for entrepreneurs who have small setups. But they are willing to establish their office in a large commercial building among huge business setups. Additionally, leasing properties also creates new jobs and decrease unemployment in the country.

Freedom from Responsibilities

Tenant who rent or lease any commercial property are not bound to oversee security, management, remodeling and property maintenance issues. The actual owner or landlord will be responsible to tackle all such issues. While you are leasing commercial space, you do not get stuck to pay mortgage loan installments. This allows you freedom to use your cash anywhere you need. It especially helps new entrepreneurs who are on initial stages of establishing their business. 

Low Rents and Less Tax Paperwork

Currently real estate of Dubai is facing a situation where demand has exceeded from supply. This will allow them tenants to get property on lease considerably at low rates. Moreover, they don’t need to fill multiple forms to pay income tax as compared to those business owners who owns a commercial property in Dubai. 


Above I have discussed few remarkable advantages that a tenant can enjoy while leasing a commercial property in Dubai. But if you are not familiar with real estate Dubai, you can take help from a registered real estate agent to find leasing commercial properties in Dubai.



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