Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Being an important among the major investment sectors, real estate in Dubai does not only mean buying and renting residential and commercial properties in Dubai, rather it has got itself recognized as a key profession in Dubai. Professionals who are involved in property transactions are known as real estate agents or real estate brokers in Dubai. The organizations providing real estate and property management services are named as real estate consultancy firms and real estate property management firms. Having considered the complexity of asset transactions, buyers and tenants prefer taking help of professionals.

In order to become a professional broker in Dubai, interested individuals have to fulfill certain essential requirements. Following are the few essential and minimum requirements to become a professional in this field.

•    It is mandatory to get yourself registered with an authorized firm. Freelance practice has been banned in Dubai to avoid scams. Moreover, registration with RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) is also an essential to become a licensed professional.

•    Established organization always considers hiring licensed brokers to maintain quality and reliability of services.

•    If it’s your dream to become a professional in this field, it will be good to focus on handling any specific sector among residential or commercial sectors. Try improving your profile for specific sector. This will benefit your career and enable you to earn the status of expert professional. It has also observed that property firms expect their brokers and agents to speak Arabic and English both. Proficiency in speaking English and Arabic matters a lot for successful closing of deals.

•    Another important area that every real estate broker will have to consider is to understand UAE property law. Agents possessing good knowledge and familiarity with laws can better help their clients.

•    Excellent research and market analysis skills are also required to work like an expert. Keep studying and researching about Dubai property market to understand latest market trends and asking prices for renting and buying in Dubai. If you are familiar with business trends of asset market, you will better help your client.

•    It is also necessary to understand the code of ethics of real estate sector which is based on honesty, trust, respect and integrity.

•     Wearing positive attitude is also important for success in career of real estate professionals. Serve your client with a smile and try to educate them about their decisions of buying and selling properties. Don’t enforce your decisions on clients, always value their desires. 

To become a qualified and professional real estate broker/agent in Dubai it is necessary to complete necessary career related certifications, licensing and courses. Besides this, keep yourself updated about recent changes in property laws and RERA policies to better guide your clients.

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