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Serviced office is an emerging sector in commercial property and office market in Dubai. They provide ready to use well equipped office space for new startups, established organizations looking for short term expansion or downsizing. Overseas companies and individual businessmen who are planning to establish their setup find it very lucrative as it is affordable and time saving compared to traditional renting of office space in Dubai. Such office space can be rented for variable period of time from few months to whole year.

How it becomes cost effective option?

Besides affordability, the concept of leasing equipped space for your business setup also proffer complete peace of mind as you don’t need to make necessary arrangements to furnish and equip your office. You can instantly shift with your laptops and desktops and start functioning without consuming time to fix things like internet, electricity and telephone. Furthermore you can also save good amount of money you will be spending as agency fee, office furnishing and local sponsors. The option is also suitable for setups willing to relocate from their current location but fails to decide where they should move. In such cases serviced office space is perfect solution it enables them to relocate quickly especially if relocation becomes unavoidable. Later they can think and decide to find some suitable location for their setup.

Furnished offices are being offered across the world with aim to facilitate entrepreneurs to establish their work setup quickly at minimum possible cost. Being business and trade hub of UAE, demand for all kind of space in Dubai is considerably high. It is no possible for every businessman to buy or lease traditional office space due to factors like shortage of time, small capital and nature of business project. May be an organization needs some office space for their short project in Dubai, or an individual with brilliant business idea with low capital, for both cases this is an ideal solution. Market analysts predicted that demand for such furnished units is expected to increase especially for well-designed and properly managed units.

Renting serviced office unit in Dubai

In addition to cost there are certain other things which are necessary to be considered while renting serviced office space in Dubai. Location, size, layout, amenities and services offered are also crucially important for renting an equipped commercial space. Try working with a decent operator with good market reputation who is capable to understand their client need and come up with flexible packages and strategies to meet the diverse business needs of their clients. Whether you are a multinational or small setup with few employees, it is must to possess a suitable business space to become successful in the industry.

When it comes to start a business in Dubai, the city with unmatched growth, it becomes difficult to buy or rent commercial space as most of the offices are located in prime locations. Renting a an equipped space can be budget friendly as you don’t need to pay rent on yearly basis like traditional leasing rather rents are paid on monthly basis. This means you are paying monthly charges for the services and rented space. Other benefits you can avail with renting furnished space include reception and secretarial services with dedicated cleaning and maintenance services. In addition to these benefits, the major drawback of renting serviced unit is a less personalized space as you can’t alter the design of your space.

Conclusion: Despite being cost effective, renting serviced offices in Dubai will not be an affordable way if rented for more than one year. In such scenario leasing or buying a regular office space will be cost effective option.

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