Monday, October 27, 2014

Dubai is world famous for its astonishing architectural structure and magnificent buildings. This city has few unique man made wonders of this world like only seven star hotel and a man made palm island that is even visible from space. State government has also worked out on complete strategic plan to build up this as one of the hot spot for business and finance as well as travel and tourism. This city also welcomes foreign investors to make investment in diverse business sectors including real estate business. Investors can enjoy tax free trade in free zone areas on different locations across the city. Real Estate Dubai has become a most profitable industry for local and foreign investors.

The main reason of earning significant profits via real estate Dubai is considerable rise in property demand. Dubai property is in high demand because huge number expatriates, tourists and travelers are considering Dubai as their destination. Such visitors need some accommodation place here to live or office space to establish their business. State Government has taken major step to revamp Dubai property laws and according to new property laws, forefingers are allowed to rent or purchase properties in Dubai. They can obtain any Dubai property as freehold or leasehold property.

Freehold properties offer sole ownership to foreign buyers, whereas leasehold properties provide ownership of any property for a fixed time period. Government also provides a three years renewable habitation visa to property owner. Foreign investors usually buy residential properties as freehold property whereas they prefer to get commercial property on lease. Real estate Dubai is one of the highly dynamic markets of world. Besides flexible Dubai property laws other factors that drives real estate Dubai a rapidly progressing industry is the billion dollar investment made by world renowned multinational corporate. This directly increases job opportunities that are open for candidates across the world. Plenty of job opportunities attract migrants across the world to avail job. This has resulted in increasing population of this city. The final effect of these changes in population will appear in the high demand of rental and self owned properties. Renting or purchasing property in asset market of this city is very easy and it requires minimum legal formalities. The whole process of Dubai property purchase or renting is very simple and hassle free. That’s why foreign investors enjoy investing in real estate Dubai.


These are the main reasons that make real estate Dubai a perfect, dynamic and hassle free real estate market in the world. Moreover, this city has maintained its image to buildup innovative records in construction sector. This is considered as most privileged real estate market in the entire world.

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