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Offering shimmering waters, the city's best vantage points, state-of-the-art facilities and some of the best apartments and villas in the city, Dubai residential properties also come with great price tags.
Here are our top reasons why you should move to the Dubai.

Topping the list is tax-free income. How many countries in the world can you say that everything you earn is yours to spend? Furthermore, the standard of living offered by the city is very high. Expats are able to enjoy a great level of comfort, products and services that they may not be able to enjoy in their home countries.

The multicultural workforce is a huge draw too. Dubai’s population is comprised of expats from all over the world, resulting in a cosmopolitan work force. This offers individuals the opportunity to work and connect with people from other countries, something they may not have the chance to experience back home.

As a city that has experienced astronomical growth, Dubai has the infrastructure needed to be the starting point for a regional and international business. This opens up many opportunities for professionals and entrepreneurs with unique skill sets who are looking for career opportunities or set up businesses in Dubai. The government is also attracting foreign investors by establishing numerous free zones that serve as hubs for businesses in areas such as Dubai Media City, Jebel Ali Free Zone and Dubai Knowledge Village.

Year-round sunshine is a huge attraction for expats. While 4 months during the summer can be quite unpleasant, the remaining six months pack in perfect sunshine and temperatures ranging from 19 to 29 throughout the day.

Only speak English? Don’t worry. English is an important language of communication amongst the majority of people who live and work in Dubai. Business meetings are largely conducted in English and many of the local population speak and understand the language, making it easy for residents from all over the world to do business with the local population.


Need a cab at 2 am? No problem.

Whether a male or a female, you can walk almost anywhere in the city at any time of the day without fear of being attacked or hassled. UAE has a strict policy regarding deportation of criminals, and given that majority of the population is comprised of expats, this adds to the safety factor in the city.

How about salaries and benefits?

Most employers offer a competitive compensation package that includes health insurance, 30 days off per year and annual tickets to the home country. Additionally, companies may offer flexible working hours, bonuses and schooling and housing allowances.

Strategic location

Dubai is approximately 5-6 hours of flying time from the majority of the world’s major commercial destinations like Europe, North Africa and Asia, aside from being a world class business hub. The city also features well-planned infrastructure to cope with the increasing influx of expats and visitors to the region.

Great opportunity for home ownership

Choose the right agent, pick the right Dubai property and home ownership can be a very rewarding experience.

Dubai property prices have stabilised and the real estate market has matured, making this a great time for purchasing property. Better Homes offers some of the latest properties in the market, so make sure you check our site for a wide selection of real estate.

World-class attractions, entertainment avenues and a dynamic night life

Dubai isn’t all about the malls and skyscrapers. Love the outdoors? From cycling, jet skiing, snowboarding, quad biking, golfing, fishing, sailing, windsurfing, desert camping, Dubai has all the activities you can think of, year-round. Culturally, the city has a lot to offer; from big concerts to art galleries, plays and exhibitions. Do you consider yourself a foodie? Great news! Dubai is a foodie paradise, offering fast-casual food and fine-dining options from all around the world.

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