Thursday, March 3, 2016

The UAE is undoubtedly a tourist magnet, listed as one of the world’s leading travel destinations. With iconic structures such as Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall alongside endless shopping and entertainment, the city certainly never sleeps. From classic apartments to luxury villas by the beach, our selection of short term rentals enables you to embrace the futuristic vibe of the city.

Best Short Term Property Finder in Dubai Better Homes

If you’re looking for a budget trip to the UAE, then our online property rental Dubai service for short-term rentals is a comfortable and cheaper alternative to expensive, stuffy and impersonal hotel rooms. So, open the door to Dubai’s unique and budget-friendly holiday homes and discover inspiring places that make you feel at home, away from home. Live like a local.

Better Homes’ property rental service of short term rentals make it a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover and rent vacation homes in the city — online or from a mobile phone or tablet. Whether an apartment for a night or a villa for a month, Better Homes is the leading property finder in Dubai, connecting you to relaxing short stays at a variety of price points. Together with great customer service and a growing community of users, our site is the easiest way for you to enjoy the city without worrying about hefty hotel bills.

Whether you are in Dubai for business or leisure, we have numerous short term rentals of all sizes at prices that are competitive with hotel suites. Many of the holiday homes listed on our website are furnished and include kitchen facilities which allow you the option of dining in during your stay. So, enjoy all the perks of a modern home in addition to dedicated customer assistance.

Also grab great accommodation bargains that are close to the city but also enjoy being tucked away in a quiet neighbourhood. Our short term rentals are scattered around the heart of the city, feature panoramic views and offer access to fine restaurants and the very best of Dubai. Well decorated and well-priced, our property rental Dubai options are great for families or small groups looking for style on a budget.

At Better Homes, we simplify your holiday home rental process. Not only does it just take minutes to book your vacation rental, it also provides great savings compared to a typical hotel with the same standards. Professionally managed, our short term rentals are for savvy and smart travellers looking for value without compromising on a comfortable stay in the city.

More importantly, the Dubai government is taking steps to ensure that short-term leases are professionally managed and well regulated by passing a ruling in November 2013 that requires owners leasing for less than six months to get a license via the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) or face an AED 5,000 fine.

In Dubai, leasing residences to travellers is a common practice for those who do not wish to let go of their property for long periods and at the same time make extra cash as it is often more profitable than traditional long-term tenancy contracts. For one, owners get higher rental yields. Two, they enjoy the flexibility to use the property themselves throughout the year. And most importantly, landlords use this as an opportunity to earn money from their property whilst simultaneously marketing it for sale until they get the price they want.

As an expert property finder in Dubai, here’s what you can expect to get when you rent a holiday home with Better Homes in the city.
  • Fully furnished spaces: Often, short term rentals are fully furnished and perfect for anyone looking to stay for a few days, weeks or months.
  • Savings: With online travel expected to only rise over the years, short term rentals offer a much nicer setting in comparison to the cramped setting of a hotel room. While some may be able to stay in a fancy hotel suite, it is often out of reach for most people. One gets a lot more room in a short-term rental, making it particularly economical and comfortable for families.
  • Quiet location: Hotels may not always be ideal as they are usually located in downtown or tourist districts, which may not be comfortable if you are in the city on a business trip, for instance.
Check out our unique selection of short term rentals our site – start your Dubai holidays today!

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